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Sattellite Internet - Satellite TV & Internet & Cyber Cafe in Almaty and Kazakhstan

Satellite TV & Internet & Cyber Cafe in Almaty and Kazakhstan
More than 300 channels without a user's payment

Sattellite Internet
About satellite Internete SpaceGate
The Company SpaceGate gives satellite Internet by means asymmetric of the access, it means incoming traffic (the volume which in 8-10 times greater outgoing) enters through satellite SpaceGate, but outgoing traffic goes through local provider(Dial-up, GPRS, separate line...) on server SpaceGate.

The satellite Internet gives speed inaccessible on ground connection.

Data transmitting from NSS6 (95 ° E), Express AM22 (53 ° E) satellites . The Minimum antenna size can be 120 cm, for receiving the signal in inflexions 8PSK is required provide the correlation a signal/noise not less 11dB that requires using the antenna greater size. Required for Your terrain size antenna You may calculate having examined map of the satellite covering . The Unique zone of the covering - Europe, Siberia, Central Asia, Near and Middle East, North Africa, Arabia.

For working necessary to have a receiving satellite dish, DVB-card installed in computer or external DVB and land connection for asking channel (DialUp, chosen line, GPRS, radioeathernet etc.)

The Table of the calculation of the cost traffic (USD/ 1 Gb), for Almaty +3GMT:

speed, kbps 00:00 - 01:59 02:00 - 05:59 06:00 - 07:59 08:00 - 19:59 20:00 - 23:59
  • tariff SG-traffic uses the top priority in system. The Band under this tariff stands in the first place;

  • the user was given a chance by itself choose the speed of the connection. Change to speed is produced instant without breakaway of the connection;

  • cost of the traffic depends on chosen to speed and time of the day, is automatically taken into account by system;

  • the subscription is cancelled in six months since moment of the last use. money are contributed on deposit, with interval amount writes at 15 minutes on actual lifelength;

  • the expense of the traffic with instruction of its cost, time and chosen to speed, as well as the rest of the money on deposit is displayed by system in real scale of time;

  • the connection VPN, GRE-subway, IP-IP, CIPE, VPN, SATcript; the free connection Globax (the accelerator with function of compression land and satellite traffic. In free variant is allowed not more than 30 simultaneous TCP-session);

  • The minimal sum of updating of account $35
Composition and cost kit for connection to satellite internet
For receiving satellite internet necessary to have a satellite dish with converter and installed in computer DVB-card or external DVB-USB receiver. The Composition and price of the minimum kit on cost of the receiving equipment refer to in table below. If You allow money and place of the installation, that the most optimum variant was installation antenna 1,8м even though under the provisions of acceptance it is enough antenna 1,2м. At first, will give heavy stocks on level of the signal on event of the bad weather, secondly You will be able if required turn antenna on any other satellite, level of the signal which can turn out to be below .

Kit with fixed antenna 1,2м

name price (usd)
Antenna 1,2м65
Converter Ku-band10
Handhold 42*30015
Screws and bolts 3pc.5
Cable RG-6U 30м5
DVB-card SkyStar 295
Total 195

Kit with fixed antenna 1,8м

name price (usd)
Аntenna 1,8м (single panel, prime focus)115
Converter Ku-band15
Holder of the convertor 5
Screws and bolts 6pc.12
Cable RG-6U 30м5
DVB-card SkyStar 295
Total 247

Cost of the work and DVB-receiver.

Cost of the standard montage antenna 1.2 m 50
Cost of the standard montage antenna 1.8 m 60
Installation, adjusting the receiver SkyStar 2 (without organization asking channel)35..50
Opening of the subscription ( to SpaceGate)10
Change adjusting the subscription 10
SkyStar-2 PCI MPEG-2 DVB-card, Data + TV, digital video recorder 95
SkyStar USB USB MPEG-2 DVB-card, Data + TV Win9x/W2k, digital video recorder 195
HS-DTV Hs-1030 PCI MPEG-2 DVB-card, Data + TV + Common Interface, digital video recorder 120

Detailed information on variety tariff plans

and prices

On questions of the connection and the other questions address to our managers in Almaty, on the following coordinate:
+7 3272 568800;;
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